Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Hello beautiful people :)

It is my absolute pleasure to OFFICIALLY welcome you to my first ever blog, and my first ever blog post - aaaahhhhh!!!! super duper excited for this.
So maybe you are asking 'why now?' and 'what for?', well let me explain...
This year I will be studying Fashion & Textiles at Univeristy, so therefore I decided that now is the most opportune moment of my life to begin my very own fashion and beauty blog for all to see and hopefully learn something new from!! You know, because one day this may lead me to having a similar status to Anna Dello Russo ( www.annadellorusso.com ) . So my friends, please read, please comment, and most importantly please understand that i am quite the noob at this blogging sensation, hahaha!

And now, to love you and leave you with a highly inspirational archive image to pore over on your way home from school, work, or the nearest shopping centre..

Model: Carmen Kass <3

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