Thursday, July 19, 2012

Vision Builders Dinner @ The Westin Hotel Sydney

Moving away from the celebrity red carpet, I thought it would be nice to put some of my friends under the spotlight for once. Enter Vision Builders Dinner 2012. A night of great food, greater company and the greatest cause - giving to those who need it most. Having an eye for style, I like to spend the night picking out my favourite looks from the crowd, seeing what Sydney-siders are wearing at this moment in time. The variety is incredible...everyone has their own idea of the word 'cocktail' and that's the most exciting part for me. Here are the top looks:

Matt & Jenny Webb with Justin Richards

David Young

Doctor Phil Pringle and I

Michelle McKune


Manon Soubeyran's 'IT girl' hair do

Nancy Panetta

 Mikayla Vangestel and Estee Louise

 Lynette Yahya

Nik Karlin and Eugene Choi

Tyler Antcliff

Bonnie Zhang

Emily Gilbert and Caleb Westwood

Arnel & Aida Sarian with Caroline & Sam Madikian

As far as standout trends are concerned, the men seemed to opt for a dark shirt complimented by a standout tie or bow, or, coloured pants. For the women, the bold lip stole the show, whether it was a coral red or a fuchsia pink. Surprisingly, prints of all kinds were plentiful, a trend not usually seen at formal events. Black also made itself known, but that was expected wasn't it?

I hope you enjoyed the slight 'curve jump' today... :)

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