Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pre-Fall Review: The Big Names (Part 2)

More of what's on offer this pre-fall season from all the big brands we know and trust (part 2).

Brand: Chanel
Designer: Karl Lagerfeld


Model: Barbara Palvin                                                                            Model: Jake Davis

Model: Karmen Pedaru

The Paris-Bizance era made its comeback at Chanel this season. As usual, the looks were fresher than ever, but leant slightly more towards the past than the future, compared to what we usually see in Chanel shows. Karl Lagerfeld explained that he was inspired by Empress Theodora and the lost culture of Byzantium. Thus, the collection mixed influences from the 5th century, but also from London in the 1960s. This resulted in gold embellisments and leathers colliding to create some of the most lust-worthy looks on the runway. There were a few simple yet ever-so-stylish looks for the boys too. For me, the highlights were the craftily adorned flat sandals (what? flats?! i'm so there!!) and the signature bee hive hair-dos. Even Lagerfeld, who is renowned for his generally anti-nostalgic designs, knows that a little history never hurt anyone...

Brand & Designer: Oscar de la Renta

Model: Britt Maren                                                                                 Model: Anastasia Khodkina

Model: Martha Streck

We can always rely on Oscar de la Renta to dress women as WOMEN! I don't know about you, but I don't see the point in androgynous designs, unless your name is Yves Saint Laurent and you know what you are doing. But back to Oscar...what he displayed on the runway for Pre-Fall this year were copious amounts of femininity and sheer extravagance. The sudden bursts of colour and luscious fabrics had me falling off my chair (quite literally!). The breathtaking moments climaxed in the finale of Cinderella-inspired gowns. One thing Oscar knows how to do is give a woman hope that someday we will all be sashaying down a grand staircase in one of his exquisite designs!

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